Mason Jar

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Mason Jar

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All candles are hand-poured in small batches in the heart of Rochester, New York. Made with American grown soy wax, scented with high quality fragrance and essential oils, poured into an 8 oz glass mason jar.

Burn time approximately 50 hours.

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Choose from the following scents:

VANILLA SANDALWOOD: Warm, sweet, rich & woodsy. A dreamy combination of earthy sandalwood & creamy vanilla

FIRESIDE: Fresh and rustic, cozy and romantic - the elusive scent of firewood is uniquely captured with a beautiful blend of birch, cedar and sandalwood sparked with rich undertones of vetiver and amber.

CEDARWOOD: A herbaceous mixture of balsam and cedar wood complimented with soft patchouli.

LAVENDER: Perfect for a chill vibe. Lavender is known to uplift your senses. Fresh & clean with a touch of vanilla.

BULGARIAN ROSE: Unique, and absolutely magical. Scent notes of Bulgarian rose, pomegranate flower, bergamot, cannabis accord, sheer jasmine, dark chocolate, white musk, patchouli, and oolong tea.

TOBACCO VANILLA: A rich, sultry fragrance with notes of amber, tobacco, and sweet vanilla.

SWEET GRAPEFRUIT: An energizing and rejuvenating aroma of fresh grapefruit that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach.

OAKMOSS & AMBER: Rich, woody base notes with herb and amber top notes.

MISSION FIG: An earthy and sweet aroma of freshly picked mission fig.

ADIRONDACK WOODS: Pine, eucalyptus, cedarwood; finished with sweet balsam- this fragrance is composed of top notes of orange, raspberry, and plumb; middle notes of lily, carnation, and hyacinth; base notes of balsam, pine, eucalyptus, and cedarwood.

EUCALYPTUS & CEDAR: Beginning with top notes of fresh pear, blueberries, and pineapple; followed by middle notes of juniper berries and eucalyptus; and well rounded with base notes of spruce, woods, douglas fir, cedar, and white musk.

CINNAMON CHAI: A rich spicy blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom are balanced out with creamy vanilla.

PUMPKIN PIE: The sweet and savory aroma of pumpkin, beginning with top notes of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger; combined with buttery vanilla notes.